Revolutionising access to
crisis support + medicines
for rural communities

Medical Drones Aotearoa aims to change the face of rural access to medicines, healthcare and emergency services using a high-tech solution. It will (a) serve rural communities in need of prescriptions and healthcare supplies, (b) provide crisis support to existing emergency services, (c) create fit-for-purpose Medical Drones, Systems and Software, and (d) deploy a specialist Drone Team certified under the Civil Aviation Authority.

Research is underway now. If you're a drone operator, manufacturer or developing new technologies in BVLOS or autonomous flight research, apply to join the research.



Medical Drones Aotearoa signals an exciting new approach for delivering health and emergency care to some of our most isolated communities.

The medical industry has been prototyping unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), commonly known as drones, to quickly reach patients, deliver aid in difficult to access areas, send information to off-site medical teams, and enable communication with patients. Advantages of speed and cost make drones remarkably compelling.

The proof of concept has been achieved in parts of the world under specific conditions and within the legislative boundaries of that country, but medical drone deployment is not common. Here in New Zealand, high regulatory thresholds for deploying UAV’s beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) creates an opportunity to work with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and others to increase safety and reduce risks associated with flying drones. With the support of a team of collaborators, Medical Drones Aotearoa is expecting to extend the application of BVLOS to a new and critical sector that focuses on public good.

Medical Drones Aotearoa Stage 1 has begun with the foundation research that can make it all possible and will run trials under controlled conditions. This will generate useful information that will contribute to further development and may include investigating new efficiencies, sensor development, features of designed-for-purpose drones, and risk mitigation features. The company expects the trials to have international impacts in the sector.



Incredible Skies Ltd is the lead organisation for technology project management. It coordinates the logistics, the collaborators, sponsors, funders and clinical, robotics, UAV, electronics, and pilot/aviation advisors.

Clinical advice is provided and research findings will be presented to the Ministry of Health and District Health Boards. Research and development support is provided by academic and industry organisations.



A series of trial flights in controlled conditions for BVLOS, autonomous flight. More soon.


Training for medical supplies "payloads" for community ambassadors


Training for drone pilots for civil defence coordination for disaster recovery, search and rescue



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